Suzuki Diaries Assignment

This assignments purpose is to explore what big Canadian cities are doing to benefit the environment. I choose Vancouver, Toronto & Edmonton. Take a look below to see whats going on in these cities.

Vancouver, BC. : One of Canada’s biggest and popular cities, with a population of 2 million people. With the growing population and environment problems, Vancouver is certainly not behind in lending a hand to preserve the environment.

1) what environmental programs does this city run that makes it green?

Vancouver is known for using methane gas emissions from Landfills to create heat and electricity, fuels its fleets with biodiesel and has the toughest energy-efficiency guidelines in for new buildings in all of Canada. And thats not all, Vancouver also has something called the EcoDensity Charter, which will urge to create green laneway housing, rezoning and relaxed building codes to provide the city with solar panels and shading. The city of Vancouver is set on reducing community GHG emissions by a whopping 80 percent by 2050.  A few other things the city wants to do improve air quality, lower energy bills and make Vancouver more desirable to live in.

 2) what are the advantages to being a green city?

Vancouver is aiming to become Canada’s Green capital. They are trying to bring their community-based greenhouse gas emissions down to 5% and create neighbourhoods with easy to access work, shopping and recreation. They are also trying to have the most best drinking water than any other city in the world by having new water meters in homes, provide water education, expand access to drinking water and get rid of sewer overflows. If thats not enough, Vancouver is also wanting to have the most cleanest air in the world too by encourageing electric vehicle transport, regulate uncontrolled wood-burning. Other aims also include better food, green transportation/buildings.

3) what challenges might a city face in trying to be green? 

Vancouver’s population is growing rapidly and so is the difficulties of becoming a Green City. With the number of people driving cars, rising fossil fuel prices, and shifting economic opportunities its hard to maintain the environment and keep the city green. Its also hard to get everyone to do their part and reduce their ecological footprint but Vancouver is trying its best to take things to a whole new level by creating programs to keep the city green


Toronto, ONT: Toronto, being Canada’s largest city with whopping population of 5,113,258 is not behind in the race of becoming Canada’s Greenest City. Toronto, like Vancouver has created plans to achieve this goal and help sustain the earth.

1) what environmental programs does this city run that makes it green?

Toronto has made something called the “Tower Renewal” project which rebuild and recreate Toronto’s concrete apartment complexes. These complexes will be insulated, recieve geothermal heat and connect the buildings to rivera and green spaces. It is predicted that this plan could cut back one million tonnes of greenhouse emissions. Toronto also plans to divert 70% of waste, reduce greenhouse gases and have fewer toxins in the city.

 2) what are the advantages to being a green city?

Toronto is recognized as one of Canada’s Green Cities for its efforts to preserve the environment and encouraging less waste. Toronto is also trying to improve their air, transportation and recuce wastes.

3) what challenges might a city face in trying to be green? Toronto is facing a few difficulties in trying to become green because their is quite alot of burning of fossil fuels which is one of the largest causes of air pollution and climate change.


Edmonton AB: 

Edmonton, with a population of around  1,034,945 is known as the “Water Smart City.” Edmonton has a unique way of preserving water and using it over and over again.

1) what environmental programs does this city run that makes it green?

Edmonton has a treatment program called Gold Bar Waste water Treatment Plan which recycles waste water with the help of Petro- Canada refinery which eliminates the refinery need to get water from the  North Saskatchewan River.

2) what are the advantages to being a green city?

Edmonton is planning to reduce waste water in landfills up to 90% by 2010 and greenhouse emissions by 2020. They also send methane gas from landfills to power homes,  benefiting light rail transit.

3) what challenges might a city face in trying to be green?

Edmonton may gain too much waste water that cannot be reused.

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My Favourite Song :)

I made a practice Prezi on my favourite song at the moment. Take a look to see what it is 🙂

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5 Industries Of Tourism

Ever wondered what the 5 industries of tourism are? Well in this assignment, we were to research about it and provide info. Read below!


1)            What are the 5 industries of the tourism sector? /2.5

In tourism, there are 5 very important industries to keep in mind.

They are…. Accommodations, Food and Beverage Services, Recreation & Entertainment, Transportation & Travel Services.

2)            Why was there a change from having 8 ‘sectors’ to 5 ‘industries’?  Be sure to list the 8 sectors and explain the reason for changing to 5 industries. /3

Statistics Canada and the Canadian Tourism Commission along with the United States and Mexico all decided to join as one, making the North American Industry Classification System, a new foundation of tourism. The former 8 sectors were Accommodations, Food and Beverage Services, Transportation, Tourism Services, Adventure Tourism and Recreation, Attractions, Travel Trade and Meetings, Events & Conferences. The reason for changing to 5 industries was because Canada, United States & Mexico all wanted to be a part of the same classification system which resulted in 5 industries.


 3)      Complete the chart below by matching the different sectors with the industries.  The first one has been done for you.  Note that while there are 8 sectors, there are only 5 industries.  There will be more than one sector of some of the industries. In addition, not all the sectors match to an industry.  /2.5

8 Tourism Sectors  

5 Tourism industries

Transportation   TRANSPORTATION
food and beverage    FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE
meetings, events and conferences    
recreation attractions and ecotourism adventure tourism,      RECREATION, AND ENTERTAINMENT
Accommodation   ACCOMODATIONS
tourism services, travel trade   TRAVEL SERVICES

4)      Choose one particular industry and describe in detail.  Include…

1.A detailed description of the industry. /3

Recreation and Entertainment is a popular section and is thought to be the most rapidly growing industry by the year 2015. Recreation and Entertainment offers a variety of jobs and career opportunities and also provides amusement to the tourists. There are many types of entertainment and recreational activities for the tourists to indulge in, making the Industry Recreation & Entertainment very unique.

  1. Examples of Canadian organizations/businesses that are part of this industry. /2

~Ski Resorts (Panorama Mountain Village): Ski instructors, hotel services, ski lift operators, etc. are available to help tourists have a good time.


~Parks and Attractions (Calaway Park): Ride operators, food stalls and helpers providing “Lost & Found” services, etc. are available in amusment parks.

  1. At least 3 jobs available in this industry with descriptions of the work and training required.  /6

~Heritage Interpreter: Delivers cultural, educational programs to tourists, gets used to different learning styles and other’s needs. Need to know how to work presentation equipment and protect resources and respect the environment.

~Retail Sales Clerk: Greets customers, and offers to help others. Retail Sales Clerk follows rules, procedure set for clerks, provides info on products when asked handles records, comments, complaints and requests. Prepares, set up, and fixes items for display. Must have patience and responsiblity.

Sales Clerk

~Tour Guide:  Leads people on tours, makes sure rules are being followed, provides comments in a kind way, creates a positive environment for participants, and makes them feel happy. Keeps group together. Must have knowlege of place they are presenting to tourists. Must be responsible and patients and be able to work out any issues that arise.

1.The number of people employed in this industry (use the numbers from 2005) /1

The number of people employed is 383 600.

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Adventure & Ecotourism

I would like to visit NYC. I’ve been there before, but I would love to go back there again. I love the big bright city lights, shopping and amazing views. Theres just so much to see and do there. The buildings are just so antique and Times Square is so lit up and full of life.

NYC Lights.

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Grade Your Teacher Assignment.

This assignment’s purpose was to demonstrate how to present projects in front of the class. The teacher presented themselves to the class and the class graded the teacher on their presentation skills. The presentation rubric gave the students an idea how they were being graded when they presented their projects.

presentation rubric


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Environmental Stewardship

Living in a medium sized beautiful home, complete with a balcony with an amazing view to look at. Should be environmentaly friendly with tons of greenary.
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The Tourism Sector

I would like to be a Tour Gude in Paris, France and be able to visit the breathtaking Eiffel Tower almost everyday.

I would like to be able to see this beautiful view everyday 🙂

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