Technology Application 10is a tourism themed technology course focusing on the current use of current computer applications. There are 3 courses in this program.

The Tourism Sector: Students analyze the organizational structure of the tourism industry at local, provincial, national and global levels. Students will preform introductory investigations of employment opportunities in tourism.

In this sector we took a look at the 5 sectors of tourism such as recreation, food&beverage, etc. We had a chance to make a brochure about our favourite city and research about the food, the cost of going there, hotel charge, the tourist hot spots and much more. We also learned to make a Prezi Presentation on the 5 sectors of tourism and what kind of jobs are available in that sector. Overall this Course was very fun and exciting to do. I learned about different cities, different jobs in the tourism industry, how many countries rely on tourism to survive and a lot more.


People working for Calgary Stampede benifit from the tourism during this time of year.

Introduction To Stewardship: Students develop an understanding of the social, economic and political significance of environmental stewardship by creating a personal defination of environmental stewardship and examine the historical context of environmental stewardship.

In the course, we learned the impacts on the environment. We made a Glog with 2 topics we choose about issues in the Environment and wrote business letters from the perspective of one Canadian group about the issues they see in the environment and what the solution could be. Another project we did was research what different Canadian cities were doing to preserve the environment. I learned how cities like Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto were doing their part to preserve the environment. This course taught me the significance of keeping the environment clean and how our everyday lifestyle can effect the environment positively and negatively.


Adventure & Ecotourism: The student will develop knowledge and skills related to the adventure and ecotourism industry.

In this sector we watched videos on sustainability and learned how to preserve the environment. We created a web on sustainability and created a PowerPoint and quiz on Eco and adventure tourism (stressors, green washing, white washing.) In this sector I learned about the positive and negative impacts on the environment tourism has.

Explore The World.


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