5 Industries Of Tourism

Ever wondered what the 5 industries of tourism are? Well in this assignment, we were to research about it and provide info. Read below!


1)            What are the 5 industries of the tourism sector? /2.5

In tourism, there are 5 very important industries to keep in mind.

They are…. Accommodations, Food and Beverage Services, Recreation & Entertainment, Transportation & Travel Services.

2)            Why was there a change from having 8 ‘sectors’ to 5 ‘industries’?  Be sure to list the 8 sectors and explain the reason for changing to 5 industries. /3

Statistics Canada and the Canadian Tourism Commission along with the United States and Mexico all decided to join as one, making the North American Industry Classification System, a new foundation of tourism. The former 8 sectors were Accommodations, Food and Beverage Services, Transportation, Tourism Services, Adventure Tourism and Recreation, Attractions, Travel Trade and Meetings, Events & Conferences. The reason for changing to 5 industries was because Canada, United States & Mexico all wanted to be a part of the same classification system which resulted in 5 industries.


 3)      Complete the chart below by matching the different sectors with the industries.  The first one has been done for you.  Note that while there are 8 sectors, there are only 5 industries.  There will be more than one sector of some of the industries. In addition, not all the sectors match to an industry.  /2.5

8 Tourism Sectors  

5 Tourism industries

Transportation   TRANSPORTATION
food and beverage    FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE
meetings, events and conferences    
recreation attractions and ecotourism adventure tourism,      RECREATION, AND ENTERTAINMENT
Accommodation   ACCOMODATIONS
tourism services, travel trade   TRAVEL SERVICES

4)      Choose one particular industry and describe in detail.  Include…

1.A detailed description of the industry. /3

Recreation and Entertainment is a popular section and is thought to be the most rapidly growing industry by the year 2015. Recreation and Entertainment offers a variety of jobs and career opportunities and also provides amusement to the tourists. There are many types of entertainment and recreational activities for the tourists to indulge in, making the Industry Recreation & Entertainment very unique.

  1. Examples of Canadian organizations/businesses that are part of this industry. /2

~Ski Resorts (Panorama Mountain Village): Ski instructors, hotel services, ski lift operators, etc. are available to help tourists have a good time.


~Parks and Attractions (Calaway Park): Ride operators, food stalls and helpers providing “Lost & Found” services, etc. are available in amusment parks.

  1. At least 3 jobs available in this industry with descriptions of the work and training required.  /6

~Heritage Interpreter: Delivers cultural, educational programs to tourists, gets used to different learning styles and other’s needs. Need to know how to work presentation equipment and protect resources and respect the environment.

~Retail Sales Clerk: Greets customers, and offers to help others. Retail Sales Clerk follows rules, procedure set for clerks, provides info on products when asked handles records, comments, complaints and requests. Prepares, set up, and fixes items for display. Must have patience and responsiblity.

Sales Clerk

~Tour Guide:  Leads people on tours, makes sure rules are being followed, provides comments in a kind way, creates a positive environment for participants, and makes them feel happy. Keeps group together. Must have knowlege of place they are presenting to tourists. Must be responsible and patients and be able to work out any issues that arise.

1.The number of people employed in this industry (use the numbers from 2005) /1

The number of people employed is 383 600.

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4 Responses to 5 Industries Of Tourism

  1. Very nice! This was very informative and direct. The only thing I would add would be…. the other sectors and what category they fall into, you seemed to have removed them from the table and this is key information that pertains to the industry now. Otherwise all I would add would be pictures.

  2. aftourism says:

    Good information in your project. There is a mistake with your chart and you might want to find out how much people in the recreation and entertainment industry make. Your reasons as to why the tourism sector changed to the tourism industry was very detailed.

  3. tispy says:

    I like the use of italics and bold words, as well as the simple answers. It may need a few more pictures and editing because of some spacing problems.

  4. kqtourism says:

    I really like your page and posts! The pictures add a great touch! The color blue is also nice! However, on your recent post, the five industries, i think it would be great if you bolded the questions, that way the questions stand out from the post, and it would be visually easier to look at 🙂

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