Eco tourism Video Questions.

These are questions that are from the Eco tourism video. Take a look:)

Ecotourism video questions

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Eco & Adventure Tourism PowerPoint

This PowerPoint talks about the impacts on the environment and provides many definitions and info you may not be aware of about Eco tourism. Make sure you take the quiz at the end!

eco and adventure tourism2

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Sustainability Web


In this project we had to create a web on the different types of sustainability (cultural, environmental, etc.) and provide examples on how they connect to sustainability. Take a look! 🙂

To sustain mean to preserve

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Alberta Tourism Brochure


In this assignment we were to make a brochure about any city and rersearch about what kind of food we can eat there,the tourist spots and other additional information. I made a brochure about my most FAVOURITE place in the world. NEWYORKCITY!!! I researched jobs in the city and what the best hot spots are. Take a look:)

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We made a Glog about issues in the environment. The Glog has 2 topics about the environment and what the solution may be. Wanna know what that is? Click on the link!!

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Prezi Presentation

This is a link to a Prezi Presentation about the jobs in the 5 industries of tourism. Take a look ! 🙂

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Cultural Perspectives Letter

This assignment’s purpose is to learn about the issues we have in our environment and what the point of views are for different Canadian groups. I wrote a business letter from the First Nations Environmental Network to my teachers to talk about the few problems we have in the environment and what the solution may be.


First Nations Environmental Network

P.O. Box 394

Tofino B.C.

1 (250) 726-5265

                                                                                                                        April 24th 2012

Mr. Allan & Mrs. Scherschel


John G Diefenbaker High School

6620-4th Street NW

Calgary AB

Dear Mr. Allan and Mrs. Scherschel,

My name is Shaleen and I am a member of the First Nations Environmental Network and I am writing on the behalf of the Network. The First Nations Environmental Network works to preserve and spreading info on the environment. I have worked for the First Nations Environment Network for years and I am a very experienced and devoted member. I am writing to you because the FNEN are concerned about the wellbeing of our environment. We wish to take preserving the environment a step further.

As the first people of Canada, we have always given Mother Nature a strong importance in our lives. We have practiced preserving and protecting the environment as well as we can. In the past, we worked to conserve the gifts of nature god had given us. We lived in tipis and preserved as much food as we could. “Waste” was not a word in our dictionary. Our culture was based on the environment and we took as much incentive as we could to keep it.  We are committed to protecting, defending, and restoring the balance of all life by remembering our traditional values and the path of our ancestors had worked hard to create.We took good care of the environment and hoped to continue doing that for many years to come. We believe in preserving the environment for ourselves and the coming generations.

Today, we still have the similar goals in mind as we did in the past. Those include, spreading the word about Mother Nature, restoring the balance of life, ensuring the next generation also lends a hand to the environment and lastly encourage people to participate in maintaining the earth. But as the world is constantly changing, we have faced a few issues in achieving our goals such as clear-cutting, herbicides, dams, oil and gas exploration. Not only ours, but everyone’s air quality and food resources are being affected. Our scared sites such as burial grounds were being compromised by developers. Things like global warming and the greenhouse effect have threatened to ruin our once well-balanced environment. Pollution is the main cause of global warming and due to that our ozone layer is being damaged. Our globe is heating up and polar ice caps melting. Animals are losing their habitat and are becoming extinct. Waste is being thrown on the ground and not being put in its actual place- the trash can. Therefore our earth is becoming more and more cluttered. Also, most of the coming generation are not aware of the harsh impacts on our environment and what we can do to preserve it. Spreading awareness on these issues to kids may help the future of our earth. We as a group have worked hard to halt the effects on our environment.  But we are always in need of more help to reach our goals.

We desire to have you teach your students more about the impacts of the environment and what they can do to help preserve Mother Nature. Perhaps spend a little time talking about what the issues are on our earth and the things we can do in our everyday life to make a difference. Setting up recycle stations, projects etc. could help make a difference for battling issues discussed above such as not enough people aware of the problems in the environment and the dilemma’s our earth is facing. Spreading knowledge and changing our habitat could really change the earth. We wish to have more people aware of the impacts so our coming generations can also lend a hand in helping the environment.

If you are interested in our idea, then you may contact me at 250-726-5265 so we can pick an appropriate time and place to meet and discuss this issue and proposal. I am free from Monday-Friday (5am-10pm) you may also reach me at if you have any further questions regarding this letter.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this letter, I really appreciate it. I hope we can get in touch soon.



Member of First Nations Environment Network.

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